Systems Integration

At Ingenium, we focus on assuring our client’s success in achieving their business goals. We apply technological expertise along with industry best practices to facilitate the input of all stakeholders, achieve cost and schedule objectives, and consider both long term strategic mission and technology evolution. We do this by beginning with a solid understanding of our customer’s business.

Our Senior Analysts and Subject Matter Experts support such endeavors as:

• ERP systems acquisition and integration
• Planning, architecting and facilitating data and application migration to the Cloud
• Deployment of enterprise wide collaboration environments
• Legacy to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) migration
• Legacy Systems to Software as a Service (SaaS)
• Enterprise Information Management
• Content Management Infrastructure Support

We work with our clients to develop a consistent enterprise IT approach. This includes the application of a formal technology assessment process and cross domain enterprise data strategies. Our vendor agnostic approach is not about the technology, but about how technology can help our client’s focus on their core business to achieve their goals.

Legacy System Modernization

Legacy information systems are critical assets for modern enterprises. Ingenium is expert at providing strategic options and technology solutions that improve business processes and system maintainability. We have established a Center of Excellence for performing legacy system migration, conversion, hardening, and documentation. Although systems must be updated continuously to reflect evolving business practices, repeated modifications have a cumulative effect on system complexity. The rapid evolution of technology quickly renders existing technologies obsolete until these information systems become too fragile to modify but too important to discard. Conditions are further complicated by the limited funds available within most organizations for legacy system modernization. We recognize the importance of quickly identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each modernization technique in order to develop a solution that will ensure the overall success of a systems transformation effort, and optimize your organization's return on your investment.

Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation

Ingenium has been a thought leader in enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation and adoption for over ten years. We understand that careful planning, meticulous requirements analysis, and expert execution are the essential components of a successful implementation. Ingenium is an Oracle-certified partner and currently supports numerous customers on key Oracle modules, including Financials, Human Resources, and Logistics. Ingenium developed one of the first white papers addressing legacy application modernization using SAP Netweaver in the local government space. Our ERP experts have delivered system development, acquisition, business process reengineering, legacy transition and migration, configuration management support, testing, enterprise integration, solution deployment, operations and maintenance to our clients. Ingenium continues to develop and refine its knowledge, processes, and techniques in the ERP realm to provide the proper tools and implementation.

Enterprise Information Management

Ingenium has performed large-scale enterprise information management (EIM) integrations using commercial off-the-shelf product suites. We have experience in integrating existing frameworks into information management tools providing workflow management, content management, records management, knowledge management, and collaborative technologies. Ingenium guides companies through the process of tool acquisition, scheduling, implementation, integration, deployment, and sustainment of EIM technologies in addition to providing comprehensive training and documentation.

Content Management Infrastructure Support

Ingenium specializes in content management solutions that are to enhancing customer service and increasing profitability. We help our customers create and manage an enterprise content management infrastructure that integrates and delivers critical business information that transforms businesses with improved productivity and compliance. We design and implement infrastructures to safely and efficiently store and access content that supports the enterprise. To accelerate the benefits of effective content management solutions across the enterprise, we focus on integrating content with line of business, customer service, ERP, digital asset management, e- learning, Web content management, or other applications.

Ingenium delivered a SharePoint portal for the Army's WRAMC JTF-CAPMED to consolidate information from various data sources and facilitate an integrated platform for information sharing. The site utilizes a dual authentication mechanism--CAC-based and secured forms-based authentication techniques to mitigate login issues in diverse domain environment.

Case Study
Air Force

Application: Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) Re-engineering

Ingenium teams helped the Air Force with a series of business process re-engineering activities. This included the development of improved business practices (Lean 6-Sigma) and technologies for the enterprise business and logistics system. Our engineers analyzed the core maintenance and financial management processes of AMARG for opportunities to develop process improvements that could be transferred to an ERP environment.