"Ingenium has implemented SharePoint portals on more than 17 engagements to promote project transparency and collaboration. Our PMO portals facilitate such critical management activities as: Program Schedule & Milestone Tracking, Maintenance of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Posting & Tracking of Deliverables"


Performance, ingenuity, execution… across the entire enterprise.

The most persistent IT challenge facing organizations, large and small, public and private, is the need to integrate information across the enterprise and to create interoperability among systems and applications. For many companies, information and applications to one degree or another still exist as disparate systems—in “stovepipes” and “silos.” Add to this the burgeoning importance of imaging and video to the decision support process either through records management or piecing together surveillance video to recreate an event -- a new and rapidly evolving challenge is appearing. Old approaches utilized by the typical homogeneous IT company won’t make the dollars you spend today pay dividends in the years to come.

The available technologies for achieving integration and interoperability are plentiful. These days, the key differences and risks with pursuing integration solutions involve not the technologies themselves, but the companies providing IT services. Can they deliver? Do they have a verifiable performance record? Do they have responsive leadership? Have they established the proper disciplines for effectively managing costs, resources, and deliverables? And—perhaps most importantly—will they treat your project with level of respect, attention and urgency that you require? Will you get access to the talented individuals often reserved for their largest customers?

Ingenium solutions, first and foremost, are grounded in a paradigm of customer-vendor trust: trust in our people, trust in the credibility of our abilities, and trust in our leadership. No approach is without risk; no engagement is invulnerable to emerging challenges and changing requirements. At Ingenium, we take measure of our capabilities by how we perform in adverse situations as well as favorable ones. Our ability to ensure customer satisfaction and reinforce customer loyalty is the direct result of this management approach and philosophy.