Defense & Intelligence

Since its inception, Ingenium has provided its Department of Defense (DoD) clients with the tools, manpower, and processes to build, secure, and maintain powerful and effective information systems. We believe firmly that the effective and economic advancement of managerial and technical capabilities are key components--if not the paramount forces--in achieving the Department’s mission. As a supportive contractor, our role can be instrumental in this objective.

Our support to DoD clients is focused on the following three principles:

  1. 1.Continually explore enhancements to refine and champion an atmosphere of innovation and continuous improvement across all levels of execution.
  2. 2.Understand the power of thoroughly validated, justified and expertly deployed technology application to most rapidly and effectively bring about superiority in each of the Department’s core objectives.
  3. 3.Maintain open and diverse channels of communication with our respective DoD clients and, in so doing, ensure the vigilant scrutiny of resource allocation necessary to realize advancements in performance and subsequent cost improvements.

During this critical period in our Nation's history, there is a need to fulfill objectives in a manner that is proactive, anticipates strategic maneuvers, and maximizes the resources and collective capabilities to be realized through interagency cooperation. We have been privileged to have supported the varied arms of our defenses as well as joint organizations on a host of initiatives.

Military Logistics

With global politics in flux, the cost effective mobilization of our troops, their supportive equipment, and humanitarian supplies has reached a critical level of demand. In response, Ingenium has partnered with DLA and the Air Force in developing and deploying such transformative approaches as the Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) paradigm.

Coordinating the movement of military equipment and supplies is a complex, resource intensive and ever evolving task. Over its ten year history supporting enterprise logistics, Ingenium’s supply chain practice has been instrumental in furthering the military’s vision of a contiguous, rapid, and cost contained joint-warfighter material deployment capability. Providing total asset visibility, our solutions have delivered a common view of the exercise or active operation, from procurement to delivery, to disengagement and subsequent reconciliation.

Logistical Operations and Supply Chain Systems Services
  • Logistical Systems Development Strategy and Planning
  • Development of Autonomous/Web-centric Supply-Chain command and control
  • ERP Integration and Deployment
  • ORACLE, IBM Maximo, additional enterprise systems development and sustainment
  • New technology research and integration
  • Provide Business Systems Support
  • Provide Financial and Cost Accounting System Support
  • Provide Production Operations Support
  • Provide COTS Hardware/Software Vendor Support management and facilitation
  • Implement and provide Education and User Training Support
  • Maintain, upgrade and sustain new and existing Information Technology systems
Case Studies
Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center (AMARG) at Davis-Monthan AFB

Application: AMARG’s Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) Transformation Processes

This initiative has aided in the transformation of AMARG’s operations via change management/BPI efforts aimed at identifying existing and future requirements. We helped implement a Lean process to improve customer capabilities. Together we developed ERP/MRP II support elements.

An auxiliary result of this work has been gaining recognition as one of the first government organizations to meet the Government Accountability Office’s requirements for CFO system compliance using Oracle Financials.

Air Force Materiel Command’s (AFMC) Requirements Management Systems

Solution: System Surveillance, Sustainment, and Maintenance

RMS encompasses automated functions involved in the materiel requirements process. It incorporates historical data and analytical capabilities to determine the amount of spare parts and materiel to purchase and have on hand to support all aircraft and equipment in the United States Air Force (USAF).

Benefits to customer include the application of our methodology for technical solutions (Ingenium employs our System Engineering Process (SEP), which aligns with the USAF HQ 554th ELSW SEP). To date all RMS program development objectives on the 1.56M line code system have been met or exceeded. (34% of all deliverables delivered early; no rework or problems reported for any software released).

The environment consists of a multi-tiered architecture which uses both mainframe and mid-tier platforms. With regard to performance and quality, Ingenium has met or exceeded all customer expectations for deployment and service level agreements.