Our People, Our Community

Ingenium pride’s itself as a place where employees can advance both global solutions and immediate causes close to home. We are passionate about facilitating the means for each and every member of our organization to contribute to humanitarian goals we collectively support, and those sponsored by individuals.

“That is what we do at Ingenium to fulfill a vision of community -- allow caring employees to connect with causes that matter to them, to their families, and to the communities in which they live and work.” André Lynch, CEO
Habitat for Humanity

Employees at our corporate headquarters, including our CEO and COO devoted two days to participate in Habitat for Humanity. Employees, friends and family came together and worked alongside a future Baltimore, MD homeowner who had enlisted the support of Habitat for Humanity. At the end of two days the Ingenium team had helped clear out debris materials remaining in the old deteriorated building, laid the concrete floor foundation and constructed framework for the home. In addition to sponsoring this build day, Ingenium has also made significant financial contributions to help support continued progress of the home construction.

Employees, friends and family came together and worked alongside a future Baltimore, MD homeowner who had enlisted the support of Habitat for Humanity.
Wounded Warrior

Ingenium has sponsored multiple programs to support our wounded warriors upon their return to civilian life. Ingenium’s Chairman and CEO, an active member of the Young Presidents Organization, arranged for an intimate lunch for soldiers transitioning back into the workforce after life changing injuries incurred in service to our country. The opportunity provided feedback to these corporate leaders on the needs of our recovering and transitioning troops, particularly, jobs. In addition to job opportunities discussed with attending soldiers, each family was presented with gift cards for local shopping. In addition, Ingenium’s Human Resources organization donated time to assist soldiers with their civilian job search in the areas of resume development and interview preparation.

Community Anti-Drug Coalition

For over 10 years, Ingenium Corporation has been a devoted sponsor of the CADCA mission to fight drug abuse across our nation. Ingenium’s founder has served on the Dinner Committee as well, the largest fundraising function for the CADCA organization. In 2009, Mr. Lynch and Ingenium Corporation were named Humanitarian of the Year by the Community Anti-Drug Coalition (CADCA) for the long support to CADCA’s mission. Every year, Ingenium Corporation makes a contribution to the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America. This organization brings together all members of a community in the fight against substance abuse. Coalition members and contributors include businesses, parents, media, law enforcement, schools, faith organizations, health providers, social service agencies, and government.

Maryland Food Bank

Employees at our corporate headquarters, including our CEO devoted half a day to volunteer at the Maryland Food Bank. Employees came together and sorted and boxed up donated food for distribution throughout the State of Maryland. At the end of the day the Ingenium team had helped pack up over 2,000 lbs of donated food. The Maryland Food Bank provides food to approximately 600,000 hungry Marylanders a week with the support of our volunteers. Without volunteers they would be unable to move thousands of pounds of donated food into the community to feed needy families and individuals.

Rolling Rainforest

Elementary students at Lyndon Hill were bubbling with excitement when a 53-foot discovery creek truck parked in front of their school. The Rolling Rainforest is a delicately crafted virtual rainforest that brings science to life, transporting students to the tropical rainforests of Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Central America. Ingenium Corporation sponsored the Rolling Rainforest’s weeklong visit to the Prince George’s county elementary school. The Rolling Rainforest is dedicated to serving less fortunate school communities whose budgets do not allow students to travel on field trips.

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina carved a wide path of devastation and destruction in the Gulf Coast states displacing residents and tearing apart communities. Ingenium employees pulled together to provide relief for victims of Katrina, forming the Matching Gifts Program. Through this program we encouraged all of our employees to make donations to the American Red Cross “Hurricane 2005 Relief” effort with the promise that we Ingenium would match their donation. Ingenium employees were also allowed flexible time off in order to travel to the Gulf Coast to help with relief efforts.

Laptops for BDPA Scholars

Ingenium awarded the top five winners of an intensive Computer Competition with laptops. The program is part of an initiative sponsored by the Black Data Processing Association of Dayton, OH designed to introduce young minority students to the field of Information Technology.

Suitland High School

Suitland High School students laid eyes on their brand new Daktronic Scoreboard for the first time at a varsity basketball game. The scoreboard was unveiled by Andre Lynch, Chairman and CEO of Ingenium Corporation, during half time. Ingenium purchased the much needed scoreboard for the high school.

The Ohio Breast Cancer Walk

For three consecutive years Ingenium has joined the American Cancer Society in the fight against breast cancer. Ingenium’s Ohio cancer walk team, nicknamed the “Ingenium Gems”, participated in the Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk to raise money to be matched by Ingenium Corporation. In total the company raised over $1000 each year.

Lar Bitania Orphanage, Brazil

Due to the unfortunate deterioration of the Lar Bitania Orphanage in Maringa, Brazil, the city threatened to shut it down. Shutting down Lar Bitania would have displaced more than 100 children in desperate need of a place to call home. Ingenium sponsored employee Michael Brawley’s trip to Brazil. Brawley worked at Lar Bitania alongside members of his church restoring the conditions of the orphanage facilities. “The most rewarding part of my trip was being a role model for the kids. I made a special connection with one child in particular, Carlos; he considered me his personal set of monkey-bars. The labor we contributed paled in comparison to the effect we had on the children.”