About Ingenium

Ingenium [Lat.]: a natural ability to discover; having character and talent.

At Ingenium, discovery is what we do best.

Discovery is our focus, our goal, and our passion. Whether we’re discovering solutions that form a tight fit with a customer’s unique needs and mission, or discovering the talented and committed individuals who will help us apply these solutions, Ingenium believes that the answers to best serve a customer are already present, waiting to be revealed.

Technology is a powerful enabler, but solutions lie in process and environment. By taking the time to learn how our customers perform their day-in and day-out work, the true structure of their operational processes and behaviors, the nature of their environments, and the overarching goals of their business mission, we discover and craft solutions that become powerful catalysts for organizational success. Solutions lie in the careful analysis of requirements. Hiring skilled, service-minded people with the natural ability to discover those solutions is what sets Ingenium apart.

Through the use of ISO 9001:2000-certified processes and an in-house, world-class knowledge center, Ingenium enables our dedicated teams to take on a customer’s unique goals while protecting their critical information assets. Continuity of operations is the most important element of our engagements. We ensure this through expert system hardening, covert deployment, and comprehensive redundancy.

We support more than 300,000 users daily and guarantee IT reliability to our core industries—healthcare, military defense, government—that represent our nation’s most critical infrastructure.